Armed With Psychological Savvy and Clinical Experience, «The Poker Ph.D.» Finishes the World Series of Poker $264,000 Richer

Plantation, FL (PRWEB via PressReleaseHelp) July 19, 2006 -– Even novice poker players know that a key to success in this classic card game is watching for other players’ «tells» – subtle physical or behavioral signs of what an opponent is thinking or feeling, indicating what kind of hand they have. However, Dr. Drew Rubin of Plantation, Florida appears to be the first to apply deep expertise in recognizing these telltale clues at national poker tournaments. He recently returned from the World Series of Poker, where he won $226,579 plus $38,000 in endorsements… so far. Rubin’s trip to the final table will air on October 4, 2006.

«Knowing that the pupils dilate and the heart beats faster when someone is excited is one thing, but being able to spot the tells and interpret them correctly at the table is much more difficult,» says «The Poker Ph.D.,» or «Dr. Drew,» as he was nicknamed by ESPN reporters as well as by other players. «Compared to other poker players, I have the advantage of academic education in advanced psychological principles and years of experience in assessing gestures, facial expressions and movements during my day-to-day clinical work.»

Dr. Rubin received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Psychology in Chicago. During his pre-doctoral internship training at Tulane University in New Orleans and his post-doctoral fellowship at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, he spent much of his time playing poker on riverboats, in casinos, and in back-room games to help finance his education. Currently he is a licensed psychologist with a general therapy practice in Plantation, Florida who also treats children at Nova Southeastern University’s Mailman Segal Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

«On any given hand, poker is about 85% luck and 15% skill, but over the course of thousands of hands, it is the reverse – 15% luck and 85% skill,» notes Dr. Rubin. «This 85% skill consists of proper hand selection, understanding ‘position’ and most important, reading the other players at your table. Sometimes reading your opponents is so crucial that you don’t even need to look at your hand in order to take down the pot.»

Since coming home from the World Series of Poker, Dr. Rubin has received many calls to teach what he knows and is considering starting a course in South Florida for those who are serious about the game. «Since I don’t plan on touring the country playing poker, I am in a unique position. I can teach people the poker inside secrets that the pros won’t reveal.»

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